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This page was created during a time when everything was a mess. Job disappeared, own company was created together with eight other unemployed working mates. At this moment the buttons " CV " was created, if somebody should be interested of employ one of this oldies abowe..

Our mothers had died,etc ,etc . The eldiest son was travelling back and forward to the US, and had some difficulties to make up his mind. Now his married and we had the pleasure to visit the wedding in Texas in September 2001

Visit Ref-Technology to se what we are doing at work.



At our country side Södra Finnö it´s nice! The old house has been restored with a new building containing toilet , shower with elctric floor heating and other modern facilities.
Check that under the button "Country side" that tells a little how we are liveing.

Gunnar who is our youngest son´s father in law ( one of them, but the son is not a bigamist) breeds horses, that are shown under button " Horses". Maybe Gunnar fix hes own home page some day